Purchasing and owning powerful software is just the beginning.

Support, guidance, and advice from experts that live, breathe, and build this software can be your most valuable tool.

We want to ensure that your business operates at its highest efficiency at all times. The IdacsPLUS Priority Support Plan gives you access to our expert support technicians, to ensure your business is operating at its full potential.

Your Benefits

  • Implementation and integration of software and upgrades
  • Minimize disruptions & damage to your business if software errors occur
  • Save time, money, and stress with quick easy access to support

Our Offer

  • Access to support whenever you need it over the phone, online or on-site
  • Fast, thorough, and effective support solutions from expert technicians
  • 20% discount for all on-site support & on-site training
*Valid for IdacsPLUS customers only - Terms and Conditions

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Training Services

Unlock the full potential of your software.

Training your staff to use your software most efficiently and effectively, is the key to maximizing your return on investment. Our experts have unparalleled knowledge of the capabilities and benefits this software can bring to your business.

Benefits of Training

  • Maximise efficiency whilst reducing errors and waste
  • Increased productivity results in increased output
  • Quickly train new staff or upskill existing staff
  • 20% discount for on-site training for IdacsPLUS Priority Support Plan Customers

Our Approach

On-site visits are tailored to meet your individual business needs & objectives. We take the time to learn about your challenges and goals, to deliver the most effective training. Whether you need staff to master the essentials of become software aficionados, this is the most efficient way to upskill your workforce directly and improve their output & experience.

Sessions can range from 1 day to 1 week depending on your training requirements.

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Drafting and Design Services

Increasing productivity is a vital component for businesses to remain competitive. IdacsPLUS Drafting and Design Services assist businesses experiencing work overflow or staff shortages to help maintain your work flow, meet deadlines, and work at maximum efficiency.

Drafting Projects

A dedicated operator can be allocated to assist with specific projects which can include sign off and/or workshop drawings, provision of rendered images, generation of cutting lists, generation of GCode.

Library Building

Our technicians can build your own customised library to increase productivity for future projects. Our experienced operators can draw your library items, apply parametrics, and carry out testing by adding machining data and sending through to production.


  • 100% Productive labour with no down time
  • Our highly skilled technicians provide excellent results
  • No need to invest in training or additional software
  • Parametric library objects increase future productivity and reduce errors

Our drafting and design services are designed to be flexible, suit the needs of your business, and compliment your existing workflows. IdacsPLUS technicians bring high levels of skill and expertise to every project, and will be an asset to any business looking for an immediate increase in productivity or knowledge.